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Monster Gaming Party Van

monster gaming party van


The Monster Gaming Party Van brings awesome social gaming to events like children’s birthday parties, corporate and public events. Everything is handled for you, from invitations, snack and goodie bags, to the event on the day and an expert Game Coach is available to ensure the event is fully supervised and all players have a great experience.

The game van is fully enclosed and climate-controlled so we come to you, no matter the weather. The party can be at your house, but the party happens in the truck, reducing mess and stress!

Monster Gaming Party Van

Monster Gaming is Ireland’s favourite state of the art mobile video game wagon. We will take your party experience to the next level and we pride ourselves in being the most sophisticated and advanced gaming van in Ireland. The van can accommodate up to 12 players – with choices from the latest gaming consoles such as Xbox ONE and Wii U and exciting new release games such as FIFA 17, Minecraft, Call of Duty etc. For even more players we have added external TV’s for interactive gaming where you can sing, dance and play in a band, featuring RockBand 4, Just Dance and karaoke games. Surprise your guests with our ultimate look where our top designers have given our gaming van a unique edge with “LED” effect neon lighting inside.

Options for the Monster Gaming Party Van

monster gaming party vanMonster Gaming is committed to ensuring that partygoers have a positive, safe experience at all times. Booking involves discussing party attendees to ensure that game choices are age-appropriate and suit the preferences of party hosts. The gaming consoles are not connected to the internet (i.e. they run through a local area network, or LAN), and so all multiplayer gaming is only amongst partygoers present in the truck.

We ensure that all multiplayer game play involves healthy competition or is cooperative in nature, and that all players have sufficient or comparable skills to have fun playing with others. If ages or skill levels are uneven, we can provide instruction and ensure that players are grouped together appropriately. Suggested party timings to be one to two hours with appropriate breaks.

Monster Gaming Packages

Level 1

  • Bespoke party planning from start to finish from our leading party planning monsterettes
  • Party Invitations
  • 2hr 15min Gaming Time
  • Monster Goody Bags with educational and health goodies
  • Monster Gaming Coach
  • Monster Privacy In and Out
  • €265

Level 2

  • As above but for 3 hours
  • €349