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Any Spidermanses left?

The queue for the face painting and the balloon models was massive all day. It was approaching 5pm and the last few were up next. Up steps a 3 year old boy to the face painter “Have…have…have you any Spidermanses (pronounced Spiderman-zes) left?”
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Punch and Judy and The Grumpy Man

In the days before the single puppeteer operation, my co puppeteer and I were giving our Punch and Judy show some mighty welly. The kids were screaming and yelling and having a ball and we were pushing our panto experience. It was all great fun. Just as the Policeman was about to nick Robbie the Robber – a most irate and unknown man stuck
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Really Grand Entertainers

All of our lead entertainers are dependable, entertaining and have over 10 or 15 years experience (some even more) in one, most or all of the following fields: