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Really Grand Events: #irishbizparty #Starbiz 23/10/2013

  Having a Social Media presence is becoming a very important aspect of being in business in Ireland today and more businesses are engaging on online networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube all the time. Irish people in general are gaining a reputation for being very active online. Just look at this infographic by eightytwenty to see just how active. Apparently Ireland has 600,000
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National Ploughing Championships 2013

  Following on from an amazing weekend of family and corporate events, our Clowns Bo and Noddy, are mad busy blowing up more balloons and getting all the fun stuff ready in preparation for the National Ploughing Championships 2013. This year all the family fun is taking place in Ratheinska, Stradbally Co Laois on September 24th 25th and 26th.  We are very excited to
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Punch and Judy and The Grumpy Man

In the days before the single puppeteer operation, my co puppeteer and I were giving our Punch and Judy show some mighty welly. The kids were screaming and yelling and having a ball and we were pushing our panto experience. It was all great fun. Just as the Policeman was about to nick Robbie the Robber – a most irate and unknown man stuck
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