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Childrens Charities

Really Grand Events work with children all the time, so any charity involving the well being of any child is very close to our hearts. We work with a certain amount of children’s charities every year and we have finalised all charity applications for this year.

Please remember though, most requests come in for the weekends – and these are our busy times! This is when children’s entertainers get to work.  Our entertainers are not salaried and are only paid by event , so it is normally very difficult for us to get someone that is available to volunteer their services over a weekend. But despite this, we make it happen!

We would love to work with every application or request that we receive, but this is not possible.

We always have loads of free time during the week, but this is when everyone else is working  and that never suits all these wonderful charity events that we are asked to participate in.

To quote Volunteer Ireland:

In the last 2.5 years Volunteer Ireland and local Volunteer Centres have registered 34,107 volunteers, 4,173 volunteer-involving organisations and 15,343 vacancies. These volunteers have contributed 1,037,069 hours of their time at a value to the economy of €22.7 million

And this does include the tens of thousands of volunteers involved in our children’s sports, dancing, theatre and countless other activities.

The best of luck to all you volunteers and well done – you are brilliant!