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Character Actors

Our charactor actors and look-a-likes all have 10- 15 years experience in the following fields and are well able to command that group of employees or guests that you want to achieve your objectives with:

  • Musical/Theatre Acting
  • Stand Up/Interactive/Mix and Mingle Ad Libbing Acting e.g. Murder Mystery Weekends
  • Role Playing
  • Comedy Actors
  • Magicians and/or Puppeteers
  • Gag Merchants – with a bag full of props for all occaisions

character actorsOur costumed characters have been used for the purposes of entertainment, PR, photo shoots and corporate hospitality events. We can also tailor design a character to suit your needs and objectives.

A mixture of two sets of characters can be used at one function e.g. Security guards upon arrival, then followed by the cleaning ladies (!) Betty and Nettie.

Some examples of our Characters are:-

FRENCH CHEFS – Comedy duo who have spent the day in the kitchen sampling the sherry. They’re cheap, they’re funny and they don’t cost much money.
BIG AL – Head of the Mafia. Authentic and menacing gangster. Don’t mess with Big Al.
DRUNK WAITER – A comedy routine. Is he a member of the bar staff or is he a guest? That’s up to your guests to decide.
C.I.A. AGENTS – Agents Brad and Chad. Highly trained in investigation and comedy. These guys will greet and search your guests as they enter the venue.
GERMAN GUARDS – Hans Left and Hans Right. A comedy duo last seen at the Berlin Wcharacter actorsall, (do not tell them that the wall has gone!)
MORIARITY SECURITY & CO. LTD. INC. – Brothers Moriarity and Moriarity (see image to the right), heavily unionised comedy security service and also trained in martial arts and inadequacy. Will interrogate all guests upon arrival and keep an eye on them during the meal.
BETTY AND NETTIE – ‘Experienced’ cleaning women that start cleaning up the function room during the meal. Do not interfere with them or make eyes at them!
DOCTOR LOVE – 1970’s music man of Love. Guaranteed to sort out all you guests Love issues. Struts the turf with his loyal pet Raccoon!
DRUNK SANTA – Will turn up loaded with Christmas cheer. He will divulge what each person looked for in their letter and will let them know if they have been naughty or nice.

All events, functions or activities can be enhanced with a highly talented character Look-a-likes and they will be fully interactive with your guests for your event. Look-a-likes are ideal for photo shoots, theme nights and product promotions.

Some examples are:-

character actorsGROUCHO MARX – Never really has a good word to say about anyone. Be the subject of one of his 100 “Groucho-isms”. Try and keep up with him either while he walks or talks!
AUSTIN POWERS – Yah Baby Yah!! Join International man of mystery, Austin Powers and friends for an unforgettable night of groovy happenings and absolute mayhem.
BEETLEJUICE – Ideal for Halloween, just don’t let any of your lady guests mention his name 3 times. If they do that, were sorry, but they will just have to be his woman.

Please contact us with your requirement, or for more information and a quote. Or would you like details of all of our Character Actors? Is there anyone special or obscure that would like to have at your event, let us know and we’ll dig them up for you?