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Team Building

Maybe you want something during the day job and maybe it could be for a team building or a staff-get-to-know-each-other session. Get them to learn a new skill like a magic trick, make a balloon model dog or even perform a puppet show .

Get them to work together or individually. Our entertainer will act as MC and will award the winners! The winner will be selected from 5 or 6 members of the team and can be scored over the following headings:

  • Technique (Max Score of 5)
  • Patter (Max Score of 5)
  • Confidence (Max Score of 5)
  • Entertainment Value (Max Score of 15)

It certainly beats running up the side of highest local mountain or battering the sides out of each other in a shoot-em-up in the local jungle, then again our package may be more fearful for some of your team! This can take place in one of your meeting rooms or the local pub!

Our entertainers all have 20+ years experience in the following fields and are well able to command that group of employees that you want to achieve your objectives with:

  • Musical/Theatre Acting
  • Stand Up/Interactive/Mix and Mingle Ad Libbing Acting e.g. Murder Mystery Weekends
  • Role Playing
  • Comedy Actors
  • Magic Shows
  • Magicians, Puppeteers and Balloon Modellers
  • Gag Merchants – with a bag full of props for all occaisions

This experience (apart from the hundred’s of hours of children’s entertainment) enforces our entertainers ability to carry off such an event.

Whatever your requirement is, it will be fun and the mad thing about this event is that some of those who are parents (or uncles/aunts/grandparents/ bigger brothers or sisters) have run home to impress the children…”look what I learnt in work today”! It will be the first time that the younger child will ever have shown an interest in what they do at work……