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Nail Art Product Sheet

Imaginative play should not cost your children’s wellbeing or the environment. Our nail polish is free of risk and harmful substances.

Natural main three-ingredient nail polish formula

Children enjoy life’s simple pleasures. So our nail polish is made to match. Our range is made of only three main, safe and simple ingredients:

 Parabens Free Non Toxic

› Water

› Acrylic Polymer

› Non Toxic Colourants

Enchantingly easy to use

Little girls will adore sporting sensationally coloured nails just like mummy. Meanwhile you’ll love that your kids can experiment with nail polish safely and easily. Want to help your children enjoy our nail polish for longer? Follow these simple steps to help our polishes glamorise your kids’ nails from playtime to bedtime and beyond:

› Remove any existing polish then buff your children’s nails

› Apply a drop of jojoba oil to dry or parched nail beds then buff

› Wash then dry little hands and nails thoroughly to remove any residue

› Apply one to two coats of SNAILS Kids nail polish. Allow about three minutes to dry between coats.

Base coats are not generally needed. But if your glamorous girl wants their nail polish to last for the weekend. Simply put our Breathe Easy Top Coat to work for a longer lasting kids’ manicure.

100 % water soluble

Our Nail Polish is the world’s first 100% water-based nail polish. So when dress-up time is over don’t reach for a harsh solvent-based remover. It’s easily washable — simple soap and water will remove the polish from your gorgeous girls’ nails.

Made to strictest cosmetic standards

Europe is home to the strictest protective cosmetic laws in the world. As a 100 % European-made product, our nail polish satisfies these stringent regulations. It is manufactured in France and packaged in lead-free Italian glass bottles — all to rigorous environmental standards with a strict no animal testing policy.

Top coat that comes up trumps

Our innovative top coat truly lets you ‘Breathe Easy’. For beautiful mums wanting longer lasting colour and top nail protection, our top coat is the ideal option. Nails are fortified against UV ray damage while enjoying respect given to their natural composition. All supported by

› Bio-sourced ingredients

› Oxygen carrier technology

› Rose stem cells

Natural by name, with evidence to back the claim

‘Natural’ is a label that many cosmetics wear in today’s market. Yet such claims are not regulated or substantiated. Certainly some natural ingredients may enable cosmetics to lay claim to the label. But these are often interwoven with harsh chemicals like synthetic dyes. Still other popular products marketed as safe and natural have been recalled due to methyl alcohol presence. This harmful substance has been linked to blindness and can be fatal if swallowed. Our nail polish takes its natural and safe product promise seriously. We back this with a commitment to chemical and toxin- free ingredients — plus our revolutionary water soluble formula.