How to make a Party Plan

party planWe can help you make a party plan. It is full of tips designed to give you a few ideas. It can help you ensure that you will think of those things that you thought that you would never have to think about….I think! This party plan has evolved from over 20 years experience entertaining at 1,000’s of kids parties and events.

Really Grand Events is not employed to supervise children. Our service is to provide children’s entertainment. The adult party organiser must ensure that a supervising adult is in attendance during one of our shows. However, this is normally the case as most parents love to stay to watch and enjoy our shows with their children. This is something that we love to encourage. We always have to watch out for the older brother or sister as some of these guys know everything, ahem! We have instructed our entertainers to inform the hosts of overly disruptive children, as all behavioural issues are the responsibility of the supervising adults and the adult party organisers.

  • Book well in advance as the option you require may not be available the closer you get to the big day. This also enables you to have more control over how flexible you are at changing the date and gives you enough time to get the invites out at least 2 weeks before the party.
  • We will ask you for the general ages and gender of the children attending the party to ensure the performance is suited to the age group and gender.
  • Depending on the size of your group we may bring a second person to assist which can double the cost – make sure you are clear about your numbers.
  • We can provide themed parties in your own home or local hall. These can be anything from disco to make-up, pirate, mad professor, arts & craft or cookery parties with and without magic shows, puppet shows, kid karaoke etc. So we will have to make sure that we have both agreed as to what is included before we can agree the price!
  • We will agree in advance what type of party your child is expecting so that we will customise the party as required.
  • Ensure that both parties (!) are both clear about the price and the length of time we will entertain at the party – our standard package party time is 2 hours minimum.
  • Re-confirm the booking with us a day or two before the party. Book the entertainer to start 15 minutes AFTER the children are due to arrive. This ensures that all the guests have arrived.
  • Have the entertainer’s fee ready in an envelope before the party starts.
  • It is important that the entertainer is able to park their car near enough to the house as they will have equipment to bring in. It is also important that no one blocks in the entertainer after the party.
  • Try and have the entertainer located in the room where his/her back is NOT to the window. This kind of makes it harder for the child to see against the day light.
  • Introduce the entertainer to the birthday boy or girl on arrival so that the entertainer can ensure the child gets the special attention during the performance.
  • We will establish beforehand whether the entertainer requires any special facilities, tools or party set-up.
  • Please hold off on all party food until the main act is finished. It may seem like a great idea to hand out some food during the show – but what a mess is made when the activities start. In some cases the entertainer may have to stop performing due to the kids milling at the food! This “eats” into (see what I did there) the show time, thus reduces the length of the show.
  • On the day – remember it’s your child’s big day and not a time for all the mums to have a big social and a natter. Unless, of course they are in a different room, with at least one left to supervise!
  • It’s best if the children sit on the floor instead of chairs due to the amount of interaction and the various activities that are included.
  • Do not provide party blowers (you will regret the noise), poppers (will be popped into other children’s faces – this is always an unresistable target for some children) or leave balloons lying around the floor (yaaay lets jump on them). These are a distraction and could be a challenge to all! They sound like a great idea, but are always regretted later by the host 🙂
  • And finally – don’t worry about the screaming and yelling! We will bring ear plugs should you require them.

Party Plan Summary

There can be a lot or a little of a party plan required for your kids or children’s party. In some cases a quick list in the mind or on the back of an envelope is required. But in most cases, it does require some thought of a party plan to ensure a great party. I hope that some of the above is of use to you.