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Confirmation Party Ideas

confirmation party ideas entertainmentOur Confirmation party ideas are ideal for the 11 or 12 year old Confirmation child. Our professional entertainers are perfect for the party child, who is now way too old for the conventional magic show. Don’t even think about getting a puppet show and as for a clown, he (or she) would probably not get out alive!

Mind you, you still need to consider a possible wide age range with everyone from small tots to adults being in attendance. This means that it actually could be hard to get the entertainment right for a Confirmation Party.

We are delighted to show you that we have a number of confirmation party ideas to suit boys and girls of all ages :

Confirmations are now becoming a very important family event just like weddings and Christmas. It is another big occasion where a huge effort is made to get the entire family and close friends together. We can certainly provide the entertainment that will make the day more memorable.

One of our packages would also make the ideal Confirmation gift for a godparent or relative that is looking for the perfect Confirmation idea.

Confirmation Party Ideas and Entertainment, Costs and duration

We have all our entertainer costs online, so please have a look around. We have listed above, those packages that are very popular at Confirmation Parties.

We have always published our prices online since we worked out how to upload to the interweb – way back in 1996. Nowadays we have the most comprehensive list of packages that offer the best value, variety and children’s entertainment in the country.