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Wedding Entertainment for Children

wedding entertainment for childrenWe have many options that cover wedding entertainment for children. A lot of families like to bring their kids to weddings these days. Here lies what could be a few possible minor issues:

  • What do we do with the children during the drinks reception? It is always a few hours to the meal with photos to take and adults to catch up and so on.
  • We don’t really want them running around during the meal! Do we?
  • How do we keep them quite during the speeches? They won’t really understand!

We can help with our experienced and professional wedding entertainment for kids.

It is important to try and get the wedding venue to supply an additional room for the wedding entertainment. You may even want to consider offloading, I mean having a seperate dining room for the children. This works very well for during the meal and/or speeches. We entertain children at weddings as the guests arrive at the venue to as late as a 10:30pm finish time. The choices are yours. We have 90 minute, 2 hour or 3 hour packages – see below.

We find that, in our experience, our Magic Show package works best at weddings, due to the wide age range of children in attendance. The magic show appeals to this widest age range. We make sure that every child from the youngest to the oldest are all included in the fun. If there are a few “unbelievers” of an older age, we involve them by teaching them a few magic tricks. However, if all the guests are all in and around the same young age, then the likes of our live and interactive Puppet Show package would work, although this could be a bit too noisy – kids screaming and all of that 🙂 Likewise, if all the children are of an older age we have plenty of wedding entertainment packages to keep them occupied.

All our wedding entertainment for children comes crammed with variety and fun. If you book our magic show package we also include crazy games with spot prizes, mad gags, mini disco, balloon models for all the children and/or paint on stencil tattoos. We would recommend against face painting as the children would be in their best frocks and suits. However there is no sloppy messing with our new product – stencil tattoos! These tattoos are dabbed on with a paint that dries immediately, looks great and will not mess up their best frocks and suits! There is also no glitter, so your guests best clobber do not get glitterised.

Our wedding entertainment packages are all performed by the one marvellous entertainer, which keeps you to keep your costs down.

We can also supply add ons such as an additional balloon modeller, an appearence by one of their favourite cartoon characters, some fun circus skills where all the children can join in.

Wedding Entertainment for Children, Costs and duration

Payment on arrival is required for all Weddings.

We have all our entertainer costs online, so please have a look around. The Magic Show package (Item 01) is what we would recommend for your wedding entertainment. However, we hope that we have something that suits you and if we don’t, please contact us with your requirements.

We have always published our prices online since we worked out how to upload to the interweb – way back in 1996. Nowadays we have the most comprehensive list of packages that offer the best value, variety and children’s entertainment in the country.

Our Bo and his Magic Show, great for Weddings

Can also be viewed in 1080p HD by clicking on “Settings” at the bottom of the video.