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rocky the raccoon magicHere is Rocky The Raccoon. He has come all the way from Colorado and is a decent wonderful little critter.

The kids love him as he can dance, do his own little tricks, cause havoc, run up and down and in and out of our entertainers clothes. He even, in conjunction with his sidekick Bo the clown, has his own 15 minute show:

 The “Rocky Hypno Show” ©

rocky the raccoon magicYou have all seen the magician cut his girlfriend into three pieces, well in this show Bo the Clown gets real smart and hypnotises Rocky, after a little bit of almost sucessful practise. Bo then shoves him into his own special cut-em-up magic box. He then proceeds to cut poor little Rocky into three pieces much to the delight of some of the children and to the great concern of the others. But all is well in the end as the party child usually uses the special magic that comes with the day, to save the day – and Rocky! Still, if it didn’t work out there could always be three “Rocky Burgers” to go around during the party meal.

The Rocky Hypno Show is performed by Bo during his Magic Show or as a 15 minute gag where there is no full magic show.

As mentioned above, the kids love him – but for some reason some the older women and mothers are in absolute fear of the poor little troublesome creature. It does not matter whether it’s at a children’s party or at a corporate event where Rocky usually is in attendance as a trained sniffer dog (racoon?) with our character actors, such as Moriarity and Moriarity – those security guards that you can always depend on. He usually comes as part of our entertainer’s entourage whether it be for the children or the grown ups!

rocky the raccoon magic

Rocky being cut, I mean put through his paces – see his little nose sticking out of his box on top of the red cabinet!

Rocky also has a cameo appearence in our Kids Entertainers video on Youtube at times 0:42 and 0:48.

This can also be viewed in 1080p HD by clicking on “Settings” at the bottom of the video.