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Kids Bingo Party (Fun with Numbers)

kids bingo partyOur Kids Bingo party is full of surprises, prizes, gags and are really great fun and are suitable for 3 – 13 year olds. We use our Giant Red Bingo Cage with ping pong sized bingo balls so that no child will miss anything. This is the ideal game to capture and keep their attention, with loads of prizes and fun along the way. And is also great fun with numbers.

We incorporate a lot fun with numbers as the children try to work out the number on the ball. Practise when they play!

We also add our own mad slant to the party, which comes from a wealth of kids entertaiment experience over the years. Our experienced and fun children’s party entertainers are experts at the ad-lib and keeping the kids entertained. All our professional entertainers has more than 15 years (some have 30 years) entertaining, acting, pantomime and comedy experience behind them.

For even more fun, ask the children to bring their own “lucky charm” stuffed toy, football boots, toy, book, doll, action character, mad yoke or whatever! There may even be a spot prize for the best lucky charm.

We play up to 4 or 5 different types of kids bingo games (depending on party numbers) such as:  first line, full card, lucky number, first boy/girl finshed and hand out spot prizes for (such as) the ones with the least numbers, first to shout out the special number as its picked out and for the last one to get a number! We also throw in a few crazy activity games and gags with spot prizes. The party child or a volunteer can call a game if they wish – and we bring our own portable PA and mikes. We encourage the children to come up with new bingo calls for numbers – after all we can’t really use the existing bingo call for “88” 🙂

We play music quietly in the backgound as the bingo continues for one hour minimum. We then finish off with balloon models and/or face painting or stencil tattoos while playing party music.

The basic structure of this Kids Bingo Party package is as follows and is based on a 2 hour house party starting a 3.00pm (the times are up to you) in your home or party venue – please contact us for corporate enquiries.:

kids bingo party

The Kids Bingo Party Child will be the centre of attention

  • 3.00 pm : The kids arrive (or maybe a few minutes earlier) The entertainer sets everything up.
  • 3.15 pm : The entertainer starts the Bingo dressed up in his red sparkley jacket – as they all do!
  • 4:15 pm (ish) : You can dish out the party meal and our entertainer will make balloon models or apply stencil tattoos or face paint with some party music playing. We bring our own music.  We always stay until all children have received their balloons and or are painted.
  • 5:00 pm : (or later) Our entertainer will start heading!
  • 5:00 pm : Parents collect their children
  • 5:15 pm : You take out your bottle of wine (or 7Up)

And we also supply (as an optional extra) a wonderful selection of personalised of boys and girls party bags and party favors. Your Christening or Holy Communion guests will be delighted in receiving delicate little favor gifts, a thank you and a memory keepsake of that special day spent together.

Kids Bingo Party Entertainer Costs and duration

We have all our entertainer costs online, so please have a look around. The Bingo Party package (item 03) is what you are looking for.

We have always published our prices online since we worked out how to upload way back in 1996. Nowadays we have the most comprehensive list of packages that offer the best value, variety and children’s entertainment in the country.

Some of our Kids Party Entertainment in action

Check out our YouTube channel for more of our entertainers at work !?! All our videos can also be viewed in HD.