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Mad Professor Fun Scientist

mad professor fun scientistOur professional Mad Professor fun scientist parties will delight your 7 to 70 year old children with great science. It is also great fun. Watch your children learn about air and sound, visual puzzles, density and oil and water. There is also the amazing manufacture and release of various gasses (mostly pleasant)!

Check out our Mad Professor fun science website for more information, party invitations, duration and costs.

Learn how make slime and goo and watch a volcano erupt, bottles explode, small plastic boxes fly skyward and coke spray 20 feet into the sky. This coke spray is for outdoors naturally, if it’s raining the young professors can stay indoors!.

This show is suitable for parties in the home or local venue and for corporate events, community events and festivals around the country.

We have both educational and fun experiments that will have your children laughing, entertained and educated for 60 minutes. Our fun scientist mad parties will spark that imagination with our mad and educational programs and activities. We explain the factuals and involve as many of the children as possible over the course of the show. Many of the experiments consist of material found at home, so the children will then have the knowledge – so parents be warned!

Mad Professor Fun Scientist has his Own Website.

We have over 20 year’s experience in children’s entertainment and fun learning. The Mad Professor is so important to us that he has his own website. We are continuously developing his brief and are currently working on green science and engineering and electronics.

Our target age range is 7 – 13 year olds, but this also works for the 4 – 7 year olds as we cut back on the factual and mix in some magic also.

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