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MadStar Karaoke Party

madstar karaoke


A Kids Karaoke party with a difference – try our  MadStar Karaoke party! It’s sort of like Kids Karaoke vs. Stars in Their Eyes vs. X Factor….or something like that – you can even have a Simon Cowell!?

We have full time professional entertainers with over 20 years of wonderful experience entertaining at all types of children’s parties all over the country.

We have the right mix of kids karaoke, entertainment and fun that will delight and amaze your children. We bring our own special brand of fun to the party.


What is a MadStar Karaoke Party?

The party itself lasts for two hours and involves the children dressing up as their favourite pop stars. There can be one or many Rihannas or one or many Jeds and/or Wards 🙂 or one or many One Diections, our current full list of available stars is below. It is difficult to get multiple costumes of the same star and in different sizes to suit all of the children at the party. So this is where the MadStar Karaoke comes in:

  1. The children will decide which star they want to be – preferably in advance of your party.
  2. They may (or may not) want to dress up in lookalike clothing or actual costumes, if they have them
  3. We bring the Karaoke equipment and multiple tracks for those stars
  4. We also bring MadStar Karaoke party lights and settings
  5. We bring the stick masks of their favourite stars
  6. We finish off with a clapometer vote for the two best solos or groups
  7. And they go into a sing off for the “grand” prize(s), which we bring!
  8. We will break it once or twice for some familiar and well known dances – spot prizes for the maddest and/or best.


MadStar Karaoke Popstar Lookalikes

We will provide the masks and Karaoke tracks for the following superstars

  • One Direction
  • Rihanna
  • JLS
  • Adele
  • Beyonce
  • Jedward
  • Justin Beiber
  • Lady Gaga
  • Elvis Presley
  • Gary Barlow
  • Robbie Williams
  • Simon Cowell (Guest appearence!!!!)

madstar karaoke

We can also help you put your party planning. Here is our party plan that has evolved from over 20 year’s experience covering 1000’s of parties nationwide.

And we also supply (as an optional extra) a wonderful selection of personalised of boys and girls party bags and party favors. Your Christening or Holy Communion guests will be delighted in receiving delicate little favor gifts, a thank you and a memory keepsake of that special day spent together.

MadStar Karaoke Entertainer – Party Costs and Duration

We have all our kids karaoke costs online, so have a look around. We hope that we have something that suits you. If not, please contact us with any questions or requests that you may have. We have always published our prices online since we worked out how to upload way back in 1996. And now we have the most comprehensive list of party packages that offer the best value, variety and children’s entertainment in the country.

We also supply entertainers to all types of corporate or community events and festivals.

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Some of our Entertainers on Video

Check out the video (and more) in full 1080p HD format on YouTube.