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Pamper Parties

pamper parties Our fun and wonderful Pamper Parties include great pamper party ideas for girls. We are so delighted and proud to include our unique nail art with child friendly safe nail polish. Glamorous girls can set their fingertips ablaze in exciting colours without even a whiff of harsh smelly chemicals.

Your girls will neither know nor care that they’re sporting the world’s best  natural water-based nail polish — but you’ll love removing their nail polish art with simple soap and water.  Don’t forget to check our Product Sheet for loads more information on your children’s wellbeing and that of the environment.

pamper partiesWe polish off those wonderful nails with our safe nail markers and turn those little nails into works of art. We also encourage your child (and her friends) to bring forward their creative genius. What would they like painted on their nails? Hearts, kittens, fairies – the possibilities are endless.

Our safe nail markers are easy, quick and fun to use. Just as children like them. These markers are 100% water soluble and toxin free – soap and water will remove nail art with no chemical remover required.

pamper partiesMaybe instead of (or as well as) the marker, our gorgeous morsels of glitter and glam stickers never fail to put sparkle in any girl’s eye.  These nail stickers are also 100 % safe and child friendly – just like our polishes and markers and they come in the following themes (subject to availability):

‘Happy Faces’ stickers : peeping eyes and huge smiles, your cheeky little monkeys will love these fun filled stickers. What little girl could resist such dainty nail sticker confection?

‘Little Miss Diva’ stickers: Place musical notes at the fingertips of your mini diva. Budding maestros and pop stars alike will find this trendy design to be very cool.

‘Smiley Snails’ stickers: nail stickers star our lovable logo and beautiful bows, incredibly cute!

‘Perfect Princess’ stickers: Dreamy princesses will hold court with shiny tiaras and pretty pink bows.

Our Full Pamper Parties Package:

  • Safe nail art with markers and/or stickers
  • Face painting or paint on temporary stencil tattoos (depending on available Pamper Party Artist)
  • Pink champagne with champagne glasses
  • Music

We have all our domestic party package prices, times and age group suitability online and please contact us with with any questions or should you require more details.