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Party Clowns for Hire

party clowns for hire, clowns for kids parties, clowns for birthday partiesWe have full time professional kids party clowns for hire with over 20 years of wonderful experience entertaining at all types of children’s parties from all over the country. We have the right mix of magic, gags, jokes, slapstick, falling down, entertainment and fun that will delight and amaze your children.

We have clowns for birthday parties, family events, festivals, community days and your corporate family day. The parents and other adults will also get a bit of a laugh!

We structure our shows to your party audience. By the way, an 8 year old boy and his mates may not neccessarily think a clown is that cool.



Our Clown Parties Includes:

  • A main act of one or two of the following: Magic show, Puppet show, Kids Bingo, Circus Skills, Kids Karaoke, Disco etc.
  • Crazy games with spot prizes
  • Mini Disco
  • Gags
  • Balloon models and/or face painting or paint on temporary stencil tattoos

Typical Running Order for our Party Clowns in your Homeparty clowns for hire, clowns for kids parties, clowns for birthday parties

The following running order is typical of one of our parties in your home or party venue – please contact us for corporate enquiries. The party content and structure are totally flexible and can be altered to suit your requirements. The start and finish times are also flexible and ar based on our 90 minute package.

  • 3.00 pm : The children arrive
  • 3.15 pm : The party clown arrives all ready to go with (for example) a magic show and party games. This also be a puppet show or kids karaoke etc.
  • 4:15 pm (ish) : You can dish out the party meal and our party clown will make balloon models or apply stencil tattoos or face paint with party music playing to a mini disco in the background. We bring our own music.
  • 4:45 pm : (or later) Our party will start heading off! We always stay until all children have received their balloons and/or are painted.
  • 5:00 pm : Parents collect their children
  • 5:15 pm : You take out your bottle of wine (or 7Up)

We can also help you put your party planning. Here is our party plan that has evolved from over 20 years experience covering 1000’s of parties nationwide.

And we also supply (as an optional extra) a wonderful selection of personalised of boys and girls party bags and party favors. Your Christening or Holy Communion guests will be delighted in receiving delicate little favor gifts, a thank you and a memory keepsake of that special day spent together.

Party Clowns For Hire – Cost and Durationparty clowns for hire, clowns for kids parties, clowns for birthday parties

We have all our party clown costs online, so have a look around. We hope that we have something that suits you. If not, please contact us with any questions or requests that you may have. We have always published our prices online since we worked out how to upload way back in 1996. And now we have the most comprehensive list of party packages that offer the best value, variety and children’s entertainment in the country.

We also supply entertainers to all types of corporate or community events and festivals.

See our Facebook page for more pictures and testimonials.


Some of our Party Clowns are performing in  this Video:

Check out our YouTube channel for more of our entertainers at work !?! All our videos can also be viewed in HD.