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Puppet Show

puppet show, puppet theatre, punch and judyOur full time professional puppet shows have been entertaining children for over 20 years at all types of children’s parties all over the country. We have a variety of puppet shows on offer (see below) with the right mix of puppet theatre, entertainment and fun that will delight and amaze your children.

Our shows are not pre-recorded, they go out live! We can see the children from behind the one-way-view backdrop curtain. This enables us to carry on full interactive performances with your audience. You would be amazed at what the children want to tell the puppets and it’s even better when our puppets carry out a conversation with your child!

We will entertain crowds from 1 to 10,000 at birthday parties, family events, festivals, community days and your organisations really grand day out. The parents and other adults will also get a bit of a laugh!

Our entertainers have had many year’s experience in pantomimes, so our puppet shows are Panto Puppet Shows (how about a Punch and Judy Panto Puppet Show)!

We have Four types of puppet shows and all are suitable for birthday parties or any event with shows 1 and 2 being our most popular:-


1. Punch and Judy Show

puppet show, puppet theatre, punch and judy

This is our most popular show and is our own panto version of the classic children’s puppet show which suits all ages from 3 – 7 year olds.  We use authentic handmade wooden puppets. The main characters are Punch, who just wants to head off with the dads at the party, to see the football match. Then there’s Judy, who wants to go out with the mums to get a surprise! She tells Punch that he has to stay and mind the “lovely” Baby! Punch is not too impressed with this. However he still decides to head off with the dads (after when Judy has left of course – brave lad our Punch is). But he has to leave Baby in the care of someone, that would be the right thing to do………………….

Here is a sample of our Punch and Judy Puppet Show (which can also be viewed in HD) :


2. Soft Puppet Show

puppet show, puppet theatre, punch and judyLike Punch and Judy above, this is another panto puppet show. We encourage the children to get involved and talk to the puppets. We use the more “life like (?)” soft puppets. This is basically the same entertaining and interactive puppet show as the one above, but with different charactors and soft puppets. You may prefer this as alternative to the Punch and Judy Show. Again, there is a baby that needs to be looked after as poor old Grandad just wants his nap. No way does he want to go out with the dads, just a nap. Sure nothing can go wrong……


3. Educational or Environmental Green Puppet Show

puppet show, puppet theatre, punch and judy

Billy the Beer Can can really do no right! Living amongst the litter and thrash, he just loves to share his rubbish with everyone. He shares it all over the floor, under the table out on the green. He can also show why drinking is bad for your health and the other dangers associated with alcohol and drinking. While Teresa Green, our talking tree, has leaves for all seasons. Well maybe not all seasons! Our puppet Sammy has lungs that are not too good! This maybe for the older children as Sammy’s a wonderful way to teach the dangers of smoking and how it affects your overall health. Not all of these puppets appear in the same show. Each puppet show is designed to suit your requirements and are all great fun.


4. Seasonal Themed Puppet Show

puppet show, puppet theatre, punch and judySanta becomes a puppet show star and saves the day appearing in either the Punch and Judy show or the soft puppet show. Guess who appears at Easter with a load of mini eggs that he needs to hide for (from?) the children. Help the baby scare off the scary guys at Halloween. Are they really that scary? A ghost, witch, glowing skeleton, robber – these have to be scary. And around St Patricks Day – who could appear with loads of gold coins in a pot? Are these gold coins made of chocolate????


Typical Running Order for our Puppet Shows in your Home

The following running order is typical of one of our Puppet Show Plus parties (excluding show #5 above – which consists of the puppet show and meet and greet only), in your home or party venue – please contact us for corporate enquiries. The party content and structure are totally flexible and can be altered to suit your requirements. The start and finish times are also flexible and are based on our 60 minute package starting at 32m.

  • 1.45 pm : The little guests arrive
  • 2:00 pm : The entertainer is all ready to go with the puppet show and party games
  • 2:40 pm (ish) : The children get their balloon models with party music playing to a mini disco in the background. We bring our own music.
  • 3:00 pm : (or later) Our entertainer will start start to disassemble the puppet show.

We can also help you put your party planning. Here is our party plan that has evolved from over 20 year’s experience covering 1000′s of parties nationwide.


Puppet Show – Party Costs and Duration

We have all our puppet show costs online, so have a look around. We hope that we have something that suits you. If not, please contact us with any questions or requests that you may have. We have always published our prices online since we worked out how to upload way back in 1996. And now we have the most comprehensive list of party packages that offer the best value, variety and children’s entertainment in the country.

We also supply entertainers to all types of corporate or community events and festivals.

See our Facebook page for more pictures and testimonials.