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Work with us

Do you want to be a kids party entertainer? Can you handle it? Are you not afraid of anything?

As you can see from our Shows menu, we supply a lot of different entertainer skills to both  private and corporate parties throughout the country. If you feel you have any (or all) of the following skills or attributes (or reallly, really, really wish to learn them), please contact us:

  • A wonderful entertainer
  • Can stand up in front of 10 – 1000 children and make them laugh and smile for at least 60 minutes (or maybe even 2 or 3 hrs?)
  • Reliable, dependable and never ever late
  • Are able to work solo and take ownership of your party
  • Have any of the skills matching those that we provide or want to learn any (or all)
  • Have any of the skills NOT matching those that we provide, but are convinced that we should be supplying
  • Live anywhere on this island of ours
  • Have your own transport or are able to navigate public transport to ensure you can get to your party with 15 minutes to spare
  • Think you are funny (or have been told that you are – by at least a million fans on Facebook)
  • Ever been on stage, TV, movies or even – YouTube!

It is hard work with a good chunk of skill required and not everybody can make this happen. But just remember, there really isn’t anything as great as hearing a room full of children laughing – especially when it’s yourself that makes ’em laugh!


They all laughed when I said I was going to be a kids entertainer when I grow up. Well, they’re not laughing now.


If you are up for (or already belong to) this mad and wonderful world of children’s entertainment please contact us or just email your CV to:


Looking forward to hearing from you.